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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Techno Granny, Exclusive New Way to Have Conversations, NOT by Email

Exclusive New Way to Create Interesting, Dynamic 

Content for Your Website or Blog

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Title: Techno Granny, Exclusive New Way to Have Conversations, NOT by Email

Episode Notes: This may just be creative self destruction for #podcasting and email but TechnoGranny prefers to think of it as an amazing extension to give us great alternatives.| 

ReplyAll is a the easiest way to create conversations between your writers or interviews with interesting guests that will develop live on your site. But instead of, time consuming audio/video, ReplyAll allows you to make great conversations in PRINT. It's easier on the content creators because it doesn't require schedule coordination or production value. It's easier on the reader because it doesn't require downloads, ear phones or clicking on a video at the workplace.| And it can be used for email streams that include many people.|

And because the conversations develop live on your site, ReplyAll content gets higher time on page and return visitors coming back to the conversation to see what they've missed. Over 100 sites including the Houston Chronicle, and SB Nation have already begun using ReplyAll.| This could work for your organization, your blog, content creation. Nearly endless opportunities!|

Guest today: Zach Abramowitz is CEO and co-founder of ReplyAll, a platform that makes it easy to create great conversations between your writers or with interesting guests. Prior to ReplyAll, Zach was a corporate lawyer, a graduate from NYU Law School, radio show producer and a standup comedian. In addition to ReplyAll, Zach currently writes for and runs his own LSAT tutoring business. | Find out today if ReplyAll is a great alternative to creating blog content or group email streams.

At ReplyAll we constantly strive to give you the best, easiest experience for creating dynamic conversations on your site. We aim to update our tool to meet the needs of all writers, and we're excited to announce that we heard your call!

Now take even more control of your interviews, round-tables, debates and more by adding multimedia to your replies. Jump back to, start a new conversation, and join the over 50 sites that have used the ReplyAll tool to drive massive user engagement (Over 7 minutes in most cases).

Check out these great uses of ReplyAll!

Now Embed Videos and Images!

ReplyAll allows you to create dynamic conversational content, e.g. interviews, roundtables, stories and debates, that you can embed on your site as stand alone content. The conversations develop live on the page keeping your audience engaged, but the invited participants reply on their schedule and at their convenience so there's no need for your writers to synchronize schedules (and everyone has plenty of time to craft a witty reply).

Why should you use ReplyAll?
High Rate of Return Visitors - Readers keep coming back to see what they've missed.
Avg. Visit is 13+ Minutes - The ReplyAll interface is easy to skim and browse plus the back-and-forth dynamic keeps your readers engaged.
Save Yourself Time & Work - Never transcribe another phone interview or copy, paste and format long e-mail chains

How easy is it?
Start a conversation and invite your writers to join the Cast or fly solo and invite guests for an interview. To embed a conversation on your page, simply drop the "embed link" into a new post on your site. The content will update automatically as the conversation continues.
Follow us on Twitter / Facebook or email the team at and say "hi." We look forward to continuing the conversation!

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