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Sunday, July 13, 2014

TechnoGrannyShow: The 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

TechnoGrannyShow: The 8 Most Commonly Asked Facts -Dental Implants 

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Missing Teeth?  Don't know what to do about It? Are you a Candidate for dental implants? How painful are they? What if you have a dentistry phobia? How long does it take to complete dental implants? Do you need one for each tooth or are there other ways to have dental implants? How long do dental implants last? Are you too old for dental implants? What is the cost of Implant Treatment? Find out if dental implant surgery is for you?

Our guest today,  Dr Carl Medgaus: Dr. Medgaus has treated more than 300,000 patients since 1973.  He
Dr Carl Medgaus
has also successfully placed over 2,564 dental implants (and counting!) — without a 99.3% success ratio. 

Since 1973, Dr. Carl Medgaus has been committed 100% to his patients and their results.  To give his patients exceptional, honestly, second-to-none great dentistry, Dr. Medgaus has invested 318% more of his time to his education than 98.7% of all other dentists.

He has invested more than $350,000 in direct out-of-pocket costs attending continuing education seminars all over the country (Dallas, San Diego, Tulsa, Tampa, Dearborn, Baltimore, Philadelphia and more.).  All this attention to education guarantees you will receive only the best methods and technologies available.  Dentistry is quickly evolving and Dr. Medgaus has remained ahead of the curve to pioneer a better dental experience for you. 

Dr. Medgaus has treated more than 300,000 patients since 1973.  He has also successfully placed over 2,564 dental implants (and counting!) — without a 99.3% success ratio. 

Dr. Medgaus’ continuing education is impressive! 
Along with being the ONLY Certified dentist in Hybridge Dental Implant Technology in Pennsylvania (and the surrounding states) he continues to hone his skills by personally attending ongoing educational seminars.  This keeps him, as you would imagine, at the cutting-edge of the most modern dental implant dentistry.

The 8 Most Commonly Asked Facts About Dental Implants
By Dr. Carl Medgaus

Q: How Do I Know If I Am A Candidate For Dental Treatment?
A: Almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth and in general good health is a candidate for dental implant treatment. There are few medical conditions that can undermine the success of implant treatment, such as uncontrolled diabetes. However, there are few conditions that would keep someone from having
implant treatment altogether.
Quality and quantity of available bone for implant placement is more often a factor in qualifying for dental implants than medical conditions. However, even people who have lost significant amount of bone can qualify for dental implant treatment with additional procedures to add bone or create new bone. Advances in this type of treatment have made it possible for thousands of patients who would not previously have been considered candidates to have successful implant procedures.

Q: How Painful Is Getting Dental Implants?
A: All of our patients report that they feel no pain during the procedure. In fact, many patients do not have to use any pain pills following the procedure. Your decision to use implants will help you to avoid much pain and discomfort in the long term.
Besides, given the overall health care benefits, you should not deny yourself proper treatment out of fear of pain. As with any medical or dental procedure, your attending doctor, the dentist, is equipped to provide you with appropriate treatment, including any pain medicines you need.

Also, if you’re especially fearful, phobic, or pain sensitive, you have the option of doing the procedures with sedation dentistry.

How this works: You take a small pill before you come into the office and you rest peacefully as we do our work. With this option you barely remember the procedure the next day, but get a ton of dental work done in just 1 visit.
Finally, to make sure you are comfortable when you leave our office, you’ll receive the necessary prescriptions to keep you very comfortable. Plus we will call to make sure that you are not in any abnormal amounts of discomfort. Our goal is to give you stronger, more comfortable teeth, without experience pain or discomfort!

Q: How Long Will It Take To Complete The Treatment?
A: You will notice a difference almost immediately. However, the entire process can take anywhere between
3 weeks - 9 months to complete. This depends on the type, and quantity of implants you need, along with the quality of bone in which the implants are placed.
There are treatment options that are faster, such as dentures; however, none of these traditional methods prevent bone loss, are as stable, or give the type of natural look and feel like implants do.

Q: Will I Need To Have One Implant Placed For Each Tooth That Is Missing?
 A: No. In fact it is possible to replace all of the lower teeth with an over denture that is supported by only 2-4 implants. On the other hand, sometimes it might work in your advantage to replace your back teeth with an implant for each tooth to provide additional strength.

Q: How Do I Know If I’m Too Old For Implants?
A: Great question. Your overall health and your desire to improve the quality of life are much more important things to look at, than your age. We currently have patients from 40 years old to 90+ years old, and all of these are with great success.

Q: How Long Do Implants Last?
A: Most research has shown that implants have been successful for over 30 years. However, our goal is to make them so they last a lifetime. This is much improved from dentures, which are 5 years, and/or bridges where the expected time of use is between 2-10 years.

Q: Do You Offer Any Warranty?
A: Yes. Even though dental implants have over a 95% success rate, there is still a very small chance that they won’t completely bond. When this occurs, new implants are placed and the success rates for the replacement implants are even higher.
When we replace the implants, we keep working for FREE until we get it right. The only thing you need to do is make sure you come in for your regular scheduled visits so that we can keep your gums and teeth healthy, which will prevent most possible problems.

Q: What is the Cost Of Implant Treatment?
A: Many people call and ask us, “How much is one implant going to cost?’ While I wish it was that simple. The only way to determine actual cost is by coming in for a consultation and examination to find out if you have bone loss, if you’ll need one, two, or more implants.

Obviously, costs vary greatly depending on your needs and desires. If you read all the letters we get from patients you will find a couple who chose implants, instead of a cruise as an anniversary present to each other.

So yes, yours will need to look at implants as an investment, because it really is a significant decision. It is that: an investment. A cruise or other trip ends after 5-7days. Or you can purchase more “stuff’ for the house, however that is really as important as the very best appearance possible and the best possible health?
A healthy mouth or magnificent dazzling smile pays dividends in many ways for your entire life.

Anyway, dental Implants are admittedly not the least expensive option. If your primary concern is lowest possible investment, than dental implants are not for you.
If on the other hand, a reasonable investment and a fair price is important to you, but far more important is the best possible outcome, the least pain and discomfort, the most gentle care and highest degree of expertise and professionalism are even more important to you, then implants are for you.

(Incidentally, a variety of payments plans are available. Of course, all major credit cards are accepted, so you can get your airline miles or reward points. Some patients report getting 5 days in a top resort with the reward points on their credit card. Expert assistance in obtaining reimbursements from your insurance provided free of charge.)

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