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Sunday, February 23, 2014

TechnoGrannyTalks, Tech Tips for Parents Regarding Internet Safety

Developments in technology have altered more than just the way children learn and play, it has also altered the way we need to parent.  Raising children in our ever more technolological society can seem overwhelming at times, but navigating the digital world can be made easier via a few simple tips. 

One good tip is that if you have iPad or a computer that your child has regular access to, you should turn on parental controls.  The parental controls on the Ipad imits the websites that can be accessed and also puts an age restriction onto the apps that can be downloaded or even turn them off completely. When your children are online, ask them to demonstrate what they are doing.

This is a screenshot of a Parental control Page.  

How to Turn On Parental Controls for the iPad
The first step is going into the iPad settings by touching the settings icon. It looks like a bunch of gears and is one of the default icons for the iPad.
Once in settings, choose the general settings from the left-hand menu. You should reach a screen like the one shown above.
Next, choose Restrictions to go into the iPad settings for parental control.

The next step for enabling parental controls on the iPad is to turn on the iPad restrictions. Simply touch the top of the screen where it reads Enable Restrictions.
You will be prompted for a four digit passcode. Choose something you will remember, but not something your child can guess like a birthday or the last digits of a driver's license. If there is a significant date your like to remember in your past besides birthdays and anniversaries, that would be perfect.
The passcode for the iPad's restrictions will need to be entered twice to make sure you don't accidentally tap a different number than intended.
Once you have the iPad's parental controls enabled, you will be able to set different restrictions and even restrict some of the default applications that came with the iPad. This includes the Safari browser, YouTube and iTunes, so you can restrict your child's ability to view websites, watch videos and purchase music from their iPad.
You can also turn off the ability to install apps. You can still get apps on the iPad by installing them to iTunes and syncing them to the iPad, which will allow you to have complete control over which apps are on the iPad.
However, you also need to be careful not to go overboard when it comes to safety.  The internet is a normal part of life in the 21st century and your children should make use of it in a way that is both productive and safe.

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