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Monday, January 20, 2014

Techno Granny Show Reveals Hypno Dining Weight Loss Tips

Techno Granny Talks 01-20-2014
Secrets Revealed! How Hypno Dining Helps Weight Loss
Featured Guest: Sanna Carapellotti

Sanna Carapellotti is a clinical hypnotherapist with a specialty in the energy approach for helping you change your life. She uses Hypnotherapy, EFT. Hellinger Constellion work and guided imagery. Sanna has been in private practice since 1993 and makes hypnotic audios. Her clients come to her for eating issues, surgery empowerment and stress reduction.

1. Eating issues is a specialty of yours. How did this come about? Did you ever have eating issues of your own?

Eating is ultimately within our control when we become more conscious of what we are doing when food is present.

It is also important to know that there are pushes and pulls that reinforce our habits, and we can change them when they no longer serve us.

2. Talk about Eating Habits, How are they formed? Reinforced?

Eating habits begin in early infancy, even in utero. And our immediate environment and culture support how we behave around food, until we or someone close to us increases our consciousness.

3. How do you help your clients with their eating struggles? You created two techniques to help clients. Please explain them.

I created HypnoDining and The Family Table to help with long standing rhythms and speeds and patterns of how we eat.

4. Explain HypnoDining? How did it come about? What is it?

HypnoDining is a structured eating experience designed to connect us with the gifts food offer. It is an actual eating experience.

5. HypnoDining has a special NEW YEARS bonus offering. Tell us about that:

Extended small group times with me between 9:30 and 10:00
Personalized half an hour phone consult with Sanna after HypnoDining to help you.

Hypno Dining class is held on every third Wednesday of the month at Orbis Caffe.
M-Powered over Junk Food... is every other month and through private sessions. Bring it on!

Sanna Carapellotti’s Life Changing Hypnotherapy
Emotional Freedom Technique  |  Family Constellations  |  Quantum Touch
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