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Friday, August 2, 2013

TechnoGrannyShow 13 Reasons to Love Word Press Websites

Hosted by: technogranny
Title: Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech

Time: 08/01/2013 10:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Web Designer and Visual Branding Expert and Word Press Professor Susan Newman joins TechnoGranny to discuss 13 Reasons to Love Word Press Websites. From ease of Installation, SEO and Social Media Sharing to easy plug-ins and E- Commerce Solutions. If you are a non-profit professional, business owner or college graduate who needs a website you should listen in. Find out 13 Reasons to Love WordPress and why your first or you next website should be one.

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WordPress and Responsive Design

WordPress – Talking points:

1-      Easy to install and set up
2-      There are plugins to control just about anything, SEO, social media following and sharing, audio and video, slideshows, dynamic sidebars, google analytics and reporting, importing other rss feeds, and more!
3-      Flexible design and formatting
4-      Now we can design using “responsive design” (I can explain about this)
5-      Great and easy plugins to add e-commerce and instantly have a store
6-      Creating the WordPress class on Udemy and how Udemy works?
Link to Udemy course:
(WordPress easy Step by Step)

7-      Creating videos on WordPress for based on SEO queries. (10 live, 10 screencasts done, video shoot on the 30th so the next 10 live like 1st week of August)
(second series is called: WordPress: Basic Tips for Success)

8-        Why Clients Love WordPress
9-      Why WordPress should be on your own domain and hosted vs on (free site)
10-  How to get the most from your new WP site by adding imagery, video, audio, blogging, email marketing and more.
11-  What are the differences between WordPress and Concrete5?
12-  How do we add a podcast radio show to our WordPress site?
13-   How we can start with a theme that has already been created and modify it’s color palette, type size, header, footer, background imagery and more.

About Susan Newman, WordPress Web Designer and Tech Presenter for

Susan has been designing and building websites of all shapes and sizes since 1998. Once WordPress came along and she saw how by working with a technical team, she could creatively apply her designs using the CMS system in the backend, this was the way to go! Then she started exploring and expanding the functionality of those new sites/blogs and hasn’t stopped yet. Each week testing and trying out new functionality so that she can offer her clients whatever they need to promote their products and services.

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