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Monday, May 6, 2013

TechnoGrannyShow, Entrepreneur's Growth Conference Preview, 5 Steps to Implement CRM

Title: Techno Granny, Growth Conference Preview, 5 Steps to Implement CRM

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Episode Notes: This morning a preview of one of the many workshops at 15th Annual Entrepreneurs Growth Conference. Listen as David A. Oshlag, President - Project Marketing Associates discusses: Brand and Project Management, Market Research & Data Analysis, Business Plans & Analysis, and New Product Development........He will also provide TechnoGrannyShow Listeners with the hows and why's of Customer Relationship Mangagement and a 5 Step Formula to Implement. Without giving away the workshop at the EGC, you will learn a lot today to help move your business forward. Today we will expose some of the Secrets About Success using CRM.

Short for customer relationship management, CRM entails all aspects of
interaction a company has with its customer, whether it be sales or service

Dave Oshlag is President of Project Marketing Associates and Founder of W5 Templates. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Engineering and the University of Chicago’s Business programs, he offers a practical and results oriented approach to Project Management and CRM based on 25+ years of experience. Four specific concentrations define his consulting practice: Brand and Project Management, Market Research & Data Analysis, Business Plans & Analysis, and New Product Development.  In addition to running his businesses, Dave is the proud father of 3 children and a past president of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Customer Relationship Management 101: 
Building Loyalty and Sales, a 5 Step Formula

Title: Customer Relationship Management 101 – Building Loyalty and Sales
(a 5 step Formula)

·         Agenda – Examining the 5W’s (who, What, Where, Why and When) and How
·         What is CRM ?
o   Definitions of CRM – Methods, procedures and technology that help a brand/company manage customer relationships in an organized way.
·         Where will this impact your business
o   Customer, Doing the Work, Making the Sale, Brand, Advertising & Service
o   CRM helps to … identify, target and satisfy your best customers, manage marketing and generate leads, optimize information shared by employees, streamline processes and allow 1 to 1 relationships.
o   CRM negatives – can cost big bucks, people are afraid of the technology, lack of adoption
·         Why do you need CRM – boost productivity
o   CRM positives – ease of schedule, de-duplication of work, ROI productivity, Tracking of Key Milestones …
o   Customer relationship / retention strategies deliver
·         Who needs CRM  - everyone needs to be using some form of CRM to help track all the details associated with managing the customer relationship.
·         When to implement CMR
·         How to implement
o   Lego vs. Duplo – there are complicated systems and simple systems. Many of the most well known “cloud based” systems have over 127 settings – you may not need that level of detail to get started.
o   Current CRM Adoption – who’s using what
·         What’s your next step
o   Research and Implementation Tips

W5 Templates Talking Points
Who’s behind W5 Templates (W5T).
I started the company in 2011, and shortly after pulled Justin Wagner (a fellow CMU alumni) along with me as our lead developer. We’re continuing to refine the products as more people take them on.
Tell us about this system.
It’s a pre-customized, easily modified Excel spreadsheet system for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management.  
What it does.
W5T has digitized the classic “5 W’s” approach for everyday project and lifestyle management. W5T’s Excel based templates help users to easily track, control and succeed in project management by managing the Who, What, Where, Why and When of every and any type of engagement.
It’s easy to use.
Our platform is very easy and simple to navigate. If users have a good basic working knowledge of Excel they’re more than halfway home to mastering the W5T system.
How we come up with this product.
For 25+ years, project management has been my professional passion. I’m constantly looking for ways to best utilize three key things: time, money and manpower. I’ve studied the top CRM giants and found them to be excellent; however, most people don't need all of the bells and whistles these CRM platforms provide and pay for more than what they need. Our products are the perfect alternative for small businesses, they’re proven to work and they’re cost effective. 
Our ideal customer.  
Small to medium-sized businesses and business unit leaders within larger companies – anyone looking for an easier way to track and control projects, clients and sales.

Who’s buying it now.
Some of our current customers include Presidents, CEOs, Marketing Directors and Sales Managers from companies such as PPG Industries, Delta Trading Group, Inc., Precise Energy Partners, Guardian Storage, PMC Management Company.  
W5 Templates is a one-time license fee of $299 with no recurring monthly fees.

Why people should buy this.
It’s a very simple, user-friendly format. It’s a great alternative for small to medium-sized businesses, it’s proven to work and it is cost effective.
The kinds of problems we’ve run into.
Finding people who have the time to download the free trial, because they need this type of product.

Contact Information:

David A. Oshlag
President - Project Marketing Associates
Founder - W5 Templates

161 Elatan Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

Telephone: 412-276-5907
Cell Phone: 412-498-3420

LinkedIn profile:

business web sites: and

  • The Entrepreneur’s Growth Conference begins at 8:00 a.m. with registration and networking and continues through 4:30 p.m. at Duquesne University.
  • Register at
  • Use code Pitt13 and receive a $20 discount.  If your customer is small business, consider exhibiting.

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