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Monday, May 7, 2012

TG show 5-7-12 7 Great Tech Products and 5 Websites for Mom

Hosted by: technogranny
Title: Techno Granny, TG 5-7-12, 7 Great Tech Products and 5 Websites for Mom
Time: 05/07/2012 10:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Just for Mom, a Technology Savvy, Mom's Day Special. Started out to find some new or neat technology for Mom's and found in the process some great sites for moms also.  The products range from unique I phone covers to wireless printers for you handheld devices and a soft rocket launcher to keep dad and the kids away from your computer.  The websites are websites that give out great information for moms, from views to reviews but mostly tech savvy stuff.  This show is for you from the Techno Granny to all Tech Savvy Moms and Grandmas, too! Happy Mother's Day.


If you like gift cards, you'll like Wrapp
Social gifting is the latest Internet trend, made clear by the numerous services cropping up for making group gifting easier (GiftSimple, for example). Much easier if you know what it's like to take two kids under the age of four to the mall.

If you also prefer the gift card route, you'll like a new service called
 Wrapp which has some amazing features via Facebook.

Wrapp is a social gift card service that works through Facebook. You simply download the mobile app to your phone (iOS or Android) and access your Facebook account. Upon logging in, you'll see whose birthdays are coming up and the various gift cards available for you to give them. So it's kind of like a gift-giving and don't-forget-your-friend's-birthday service all in one   Read more

Other cool stuff or mom mentioned on this site:

Another great mommy site:

I pad accessories
Exercises working moms can do at their desks
Dell ultrabook review
How to Remove “Ads not by Facebook” from timeline
Online photography class review
Piano dust buster review
Coolsite, good info.

 If you doubt that mom's are using more technology these days, then you need to read this article and this was LAST YEAR"S statistics, imagine how inflated they are this year.

2011 ForbesWoman Top 100 Websites For Women

Posted on June 23, 2011 by Beth B.
I am not only fascinated by Forbes lists but I enjoy reading the Forbes website. Last year it was a wonderful surprise to be on the 2010 Top 100 Websites for Women. Today I got another thrilling surprise – is included in the Forbes Woman 2011 Top 100 Websites for Women.

Had a blog which was pretty cool and changed to website in January of this year.  Didn’t have a lot of time to review but an article on extending battery life did catch my eye.

Microsoft has even gotten into the act:

Got carried away, even found a site written by a psychologist where she is featuring a MONTH OF MOMS, actually having guest bloggers who are moms for one month.
Here is what she says about herself and the blog is called simply,  Dr Stepanie,  as a marketeteer I really like this one.

“Welcome to Dr. Stephanie - Life through the eyes of a psychologist. I am a clinical psychologist in suburban Denver, Colorado and work with adults, teens, and tweens. I am also a regular gal who enjoys family, friends, and having fun - just like everyone else. In this blog I write about technology, parenting, friendship, and pop culture - all with a mental health twist. Thanks for stopping by.

Moms Adopt More Mobile Technology
“Use of mobile technology by moms has increased substantially in the past year in all categories of use. More than 90 percent of moms surveyed use a mobile device, up 10 percent from 2010. And 44 percent of moms surveyed are using smart phones. Moms are using their mobile devices increasingly as a means of communication with family members. Moms are texting with their spouses 17 percent more than they were a year earlier.”

3.)  XPrintServer – LANTRONIX introduced the xPrintServer wireless printing solution for iPad, iPhone, and iOS devices.  Do you have a lot of pictures/documents/webpages/even email’s on your iPhone or iPad that you wish you could easily print?  There’s no need to link up to your computer anymore to print them out.  Just plug in the xPrintServer into your network and you can easily print to up to 10 connected printers (wireless or wired).  No apps or software to download.  The xPrintServer automatically discovers the printers for you.  What a great device for home or the office.  the xPrintServer sells for $149.95 and will be available soon.

USB Desktop Missile Launcher  Techno Granny Personal Favorite

Command a battery of foam missiles via computer or remote Web access.

Launch foam missiles from anywhere! Our USB Desktop Missile Launcherhas a built-in webcam and over-Internet control that make it easy to hit targets at distances up to 25 feet--whether you're in the room, or 6,000 miles away! You can even direct missile assaults remotely, via Skype and MSN messaging programs. Or keep targets guessing, by handing over command capabilities to anyone on your buddy list.

Guaranteed to be both harmless and annoying.
Armed with 4 soft foam missiles, the USB Desktop Missile Launcher pivots and elevates to desired firing angle at your command. After launch, next missile rotates into position. For maximum irritation, activate the missile sound effects--or turn them off for secret missions.

Works with both PCs and Macs!
Click here to download a Mac or PC driver for your USB Desktop Missile Launcher.
Read More

Worried about getting out of the car with baby or kids or getting dirty jumping a dead battery?

Also worried about getting out of the car with baby or kids in it or worse getting your hands dirty, jump starter that works from inside the car.

Read More  Look Ma, No Dirty Hands!

Protect your cell phone, iPod, and any portable electronics, with the BACK2YOU lost item-locating system. This ingenious tag enables the finder of a lost portable electronics to notify the owner by text and email within 5 seconds. 

This set comes with 4 adhesive labels which can be affixed to any valuable items that the owner wishes to protect. It works by sending a message from the finder to the Back2You system, utilizing a code unique to each tag or label. 

No personal information about the owner of the item is disclosed. 

The purchase gives two years membership. The cost from year three is $4.70 per year, and this is for an unlimited amount of tags. Notification of pending expiry is sent two weeks before the end of the two year period. From then onwards it is two weeks before the next expiry every year. 

The objective of the system is to put the owner in tough with the finder of the lost item so that they can commence the recovery process. The owner receives a text and an e mail to advise them that a finder has made contact. The text instructs the owner to log into the members area of the web site. Here they pick tag status and it will show which tag has been located and the details of the person who has located the item. The owner the contacts the finder it is down to the owner as to how much information they disclose

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