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Monday, November 28, 2011

Keeping in Touch Technology, Send Out Cards for Personal or Business Use

Title: Techno Granny, Online Help to Keep in Touch for Business, Family, Friends
Time: 11/28/2011 10:00 AM EST
Episode Notes: Send Out Card Senior Manager, Fran 
Treloar will give tips for saving time and money and keeping in touch, creating memories for family and also building customer loyalty and relationships. Want grandma to see the baby walk, Fran of SendOutCards will tell you how to do that in your greeting card with QR codes.
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Fran Treloar on Keeping in Touch with SendOutCards for Business and Personal

Send Out Cards was founded in 2004, it is an online greeting card and gift company with over 50 million cards sent, making SendOutCards the largest first-class mailing company in the U.S. SOC helps people send personalized, printed greeting cards and gifts as a way to make a difference in the lives of others.
Fran Trelar has been an independent distributor with a little over 2 years she loves helping people keep in touch both personally and for business.  She has a team of people who work with her.  Her main goal is to help small business owners build a long trusting- relationship with their customers or clients.
Fran can teach how SendoutCards can be a piece of their marketing along with social media.  

Through SendOutCards she teaches customers how to take a YouTube video and generate a QR code that can be inserted into a card that relays a specific message.  SendOutCards has post cards, 2 panel, 3 panel cards (which some business use as a brochure)and oversize cards.
BUT Send Out Cards is not a mass mailing company….SendOutCards makes sure that your cards are very personalized.

Points for individuals:

  • ·         Save time and $$$.
  • ·         On line (don’t have to go to the store, or post office)  From a post card to a big 8-1/2 x 11 card)
  • ·         Cost between $1.00  - $2.00 (including postage) (as opposed to 3-5 at Hallmark)
  • ·         Never forget a birthday or anniversary
  • ·         Reminder system for everyone in the families birthdays/anniversaries
  • ·         Can create the cards a head of time & post-date  - have people doing their  holiday cards in Nov & post-dating for Dec.
  • ·         Can personalize With multiple pictures, designs, borders,
  • ·         Can include a QR code which is a video of someone, how cool would it be for a grandma to get a card & see her grandchild taking their first step
  • ·         Can have own handwriting & signatures
  • ·         Selection of thousands of cards—no standing in card store opening thirty or more cards and then wondering which one you liked the best, shop in your pajamas and at any time of day
  • ·         Have an address book that you can update and never lose because it’s saved on the SOC system.
  • ·         We now have Picture Books, Calendars, canvas prints & posters

Points for businesses

Keep in touch with your customers/clients – start building relationships, maintain loyalty.
Only ½ of emails are opened, 99% of our cards ARE opened.
Brand Your Business with Cards. Integrate your current promotional theme with your card mailings. Include graphics, headlines and copy that reflects your business, and stay on the minds of all your best customers!
Add a professional touch by adding your logo or business card

Build Customer Relationships with Advance Card CampaignsManage your ever-growing list of contacts in our database, categorize by "campaign name" groupings and mail out at regularly timed intervals that you determine in advance.  For exm.  Seasonal cards, birthday.  It’s like having your own administrative assistant to remind you of your client’s special days to remember.

Build up your team or your employees  Use Send Out Cards to send out congratulations and “atta girl” messages for jobs well done.

Send gifts or gift cards as rewards to employees or customers

Send out Post Card Announcements for Sales
You can do the same when
·         you add new services
·         hire a new employee
·         open up a new location
·         Send a post card press release

Fran Treloar
Wild West Online Productions

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