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Saturday, May 14, 2011

TechnoGrannyShow 11-29-11, Alternative to Twitter, Entrpreneur's Tool, Sprouter

Everytime a new social media tool shows up, consumers and power users and geeks rush to espouse it thinking it will be the be all end all for it’s application.  Users have referred to   Spouter as the “Twitter-like tool” for startups and entrepreneurs.

When Sprouter first came on the social media horizon it seemed to have many twitter like qualities.
1.        You can offer updates in 140 characters as you do on twitter.
2.      It is a social tool with community members
3.      Users can follow and be followed.
4.      You can communicate with other users.

Ahah, the similarities have ended there.  Check out the home page,  you can get help with your startup by asking questions of a one of a panel of experts who may be on-hand in real-time or will respond relatively promptly to your queries.

Sprouter has also been sending out weekly newsletters that profile up-and-coming entrepreneurs and companies, as well as offering live webinar sessions with their experts. To entrepreneurs and start ups this is much more than a Twitter-like tool.  It is an online educational resource for start ups and entrepreneurs.
Sprouter has risen beyond the microblogging model.   IThere are so many Twitter like modalities out there, Jaiku, Plurk, Blippr, Tumbler.  But the uniqueness of Sprouter is readily apparent just by going to the front page of the website.   Sprouter has carved out a business niche. 

Trendhunter Magazine says,

Adding webinars and nearly real time feedback in the future could challenge icon business magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast.

From   Sprouter facilitates networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs globally. Providing a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks to include fellow entrepreneurs and startups with similar interests and goals. By answering the question “What are you working on?” in 140 characters or less entrepreneurs can discover and join events in their local areas, start discussions and follow topics of relevance to their business.
If you’re currently an entrepreneur or thinking about launching your business, Sprouter is the perfect place to bounce ideas, get feedback, and meet like-minded people. Sprouter also holds monthly Sprout Up events in cities around the world to connect entrepreneurs in person, showcase local startups, and hear from relevant guest speakers.
Cost: Free
What makes it different? There are a number of differences:
1.        There are less, but more targeted, users than many of the mainstream networks.
2.        They facilitate offline meetings (Sprout Up events) around the world where users can actually connect in person – just imagine. Meeting feature guest speakers, and showcase local startups.
3.        Sprouter focuses on business only, and specifically on challenges facing startups.
·         Sarah Prevette, Founder/CEO
·         Erin Bury, Community Manager
Popularity: Alexa site ranking: 63,322 (worldwide traffic rank) with 178 sites linking in.
Add-on tools: Sprouter integrates with Twitter. Users can choose to update their Sprouter account through their Twitter account by using the hashtag #Sprouter in an update, or they can chose to push all the Sprouter updates to their Twitter account.
What you need to know: Don't expect the flood of followers and direct messages that you get from other larger social networks. But what you do get is actually valuable. This is Twitter, all grownup and focused.

*****Techno Granny loves the updates that are sent out to find out about newly funded businesses.  We have found many or our recent guests there.

Listen to the show we did on Sprouter as chat guests logged on and became members at:

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