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Monday, November 22, 2010

Techno Granny, Business Help Outside Your House From Home

Title: Techno Granny, Business Help Outside Your House From Home

Time: 11/22/2010 10:00 AM EST
Listen at:
Episode Notes: So you have a small business and it's getting larger but you still don't want to get an office, hire a staff, pay employee taxes. Why can't you get help that is an independent contractor that will take the load off you, help you build your business and not have to "hire an employee." You can!
Joyce Kane of CybertaryInc, a bonded virtual assistant, will talk about tools that your virtual admin, your intern, your partners can use to increase efficiency, but down on overload and allow you to do what you do best, grow your business. 
Topics for discussion, Tools Joyce uses as a virtual administrative assistant to help her clients:

·         LogMeIn Ã-- remote access
·         YouSendIt--large file transfer(Also check out TechnoGrannyShow, "Send that File, Is that a Coffee Job?")
·         SurveyMonkey ----Marketing/Surveys
·         Doodle------ Scheduling, polls
·         Google Docs
·         Istockphoto and dreamstime ----free or low cost images for  use on advertisements, brochures, etc.
·         Sticky Notes-------Windows 7 (I think may also be available in  Vista.
·         Carbonite - backup (nominal fee monthly).
·         . Express Conference -----conference calls

Some that she just heard about at 5th Annual Pa Business Technology Conference and plans to try out: Snippy---easy screen capture.................................... Zoho---Organization and collaboration.....................................(There is also a whole show buried in TechnoGranny comparing Zoho and Dogpile--alternative search engine................................................ Checkvist-- to do list......................................................Also you can find the crib notes on this show at: Don't forget to vote for the blog and follow it to get updates.

Joyce uses these tools to support her clients virtually.  Some of the tools/tech tips are (most are free):

Show notes from Joyce

Joyce Kane is the owner of Cybertary, a Virtual Assistant service company.  Joyce decided to start her own business a little over a year ago when she was laid off from her corporate position as Senior Director of IT Infrastructure Management for a large financial institution here in the city.  She spent over 30 years in IT and Telecommunications management for such diverse corporations as USAirways and Verizon, in roles spanning Sales and Business Development to internal Operations Support of technologies.  She decided to start Cybertary Pittsburgh because it offered a balance between technology, operational support of small businesses, consulting services and people management – all skills that she has honed in her professional career.
LogMeIn – a free tool that enables us to access a client’s computer remotely via a 256 bit SSL encrypted, double password protected connection. It is similar to PCAnywhere, GoToMyPC, or Windows Remote Desktop Connection.
YouSendIt – is a free tool that allows Cybertary to send large files.  Oftentimes, there are restrictions on the size of files that can be attached via email, for example.  You send it allows for file sizes – large Powerpoint presentations with embedded video transfer or PDF’s with images can be quite large, greater than 5MB which is typically the restriction set with emails, especially corporate systems.
SurveyMonkey –  a tool that is useful for Marketing and Surveys.  If one of our clients wants to hold a users meeting and is interested in topics for the agenda, they can send out a survey to their customers to vote on topics that would most interest them.
Doodle –  allows us to propose a time across a group, or schedule a meeting for a group of people at a time when most, if not all, can attend.  It is more efficient than sending emails back and forth to find a good time.
Google Docs – Google offers an alternative to Microsoft office productivity software, including spreadsheet, document preparation and presentations.  You need a gmail account.  One of our clients, a MAC user, generated his contact list via Google spreadsheet that we used for a prospecting campaign, for example.
Istockphoto and dreamstime – free or low cost images for use in Newsletters, blogs, etc.  Pictures help to drive home the message of the text.
Sticky Notes – Windows 7 (I think may also be available in Vista) – an electronic Post-It note.  I am a list person and this is helpful as a tickler for my To-Do list.
Carbonite  - backup of files for a nominal fee monthly (less than $60/year).  With my IT background, I have a belt and suspenders approach to technology.  I use Carbonite as an online backup tool as well as a local external drive.  You can never be too safe.    Mozy is a similar tool.
Express Conference – Allows for Multiparty conference calls with call recording and feedback on number of attendees, duration of the call etc.
Some that I just heard about and plan to try out:
Snippy – easy screen capture – an online clipping capability instead of cut/paste or alt/printscreen to capture error messages or content more easily
Zoho – a broad portfolio of internet based applications spanning organization, collaboration business and productivity applications.
Dogpile – alternative search engine. 
Checkvist – a shareable to do list
Most of these tools are free or relatively low cost.  They may also have chargeable versions that allow for more capacity or options beyond what the free versions offer.

LogMeIn – remote access
YouSendIt – large file transfer
SurveyMonkey – Marketing/Surveys
Doodle – Scheduling, polls
Google Docs
Istockphoto and dreamstime – free or low cost images for use
Sticky Notes – Windows 7 (I think may also be available in Vista
Carbonite  - backup (nominal fee monthly)
Express Conference – conference calls

Some that I just heard about and plan to try out:
Snippy – easy screen capture
Zoho – Organization and collaboration
Dogpile – alternative search engine
Checkvist – to do list

Is this what you were looking for?  If not, let me know.  I also have some others.

Where am I supposed to be and what is the access to the show?  Let me know, please.

Have a great weekend.

Warmest Regards,
Joyce Kane

Joyce Kane
1525 Park Manor Boulevard, Suite 266
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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