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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TechnoGrannyShow, Another Tech Savvy Granny

This show was originally broadcast on Techno Granny Show on Monday 7-13-09 at 7 AM. Listen to archived version at: on it's own unique radio channel at:

• Yvonne spent 25 years in the garment industry, but in 2001 she saw the bottom falling out of the garment industry. I searched for an industry that would allow me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and went to school to learn computer technology.
• Her first job after leaving the garment industry was as a telephone tech support job for a tech company, and the second was as an IBM field computer consultant working on the Washington Mutual account.
• Yvonne worked late-night hours at IBM, leaving daytimes available to market her own IT support business. In April 2004, her IBM job was eliminated, so she turned to Computer Community Hospital as a full-time job
• Yvonne Graber was a recent finalist of the popular Make Mine a Million $ Business competition, a business-growth marathon designed to encourage women entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

About the Business
• Computer Community Hospital is a computer-services business providing a wide range of solutions designed for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) and consumers with personal computers.

• The company’s tagline is “Where the Doctor is Always In.”

• Computer Community Hospital offers 24/7 service, human response to customer calls and a comprehensive suite of service offerings at $99 per hour for in-person support and less than $2 dollars per minute for remote support.

• The brand’s colorfully wrapped car serves as its most visible marketing channel and is a required component of the business opportunity. The popular computer logo with a thermometer in its “mouth” also has helped the company distinguish itself from other computer service vendors.

• Backup Strategies-Inexpensive Flash Drive …How to use…Always check to make sure your backup WORKS!
• Unused Icons – What are they and do you need them
• How to keep you Computer running smoothly – self help PC Wellness: Defrag/clean Internet temp files/Cookies etc.
• Make sure you are running an Antivirus Program- Run Check regularly I CAN SUGGEST IF YOU LIKE
• Don’t run a lot of programs in the background – startup items
• ALWAYS have a Battery UPS hooked up to you computer in case of loss of power. So you do not get damage
• Always keep the disks that came with your computer in a safe place where you can find them….including Printer software.
About the CCH Franchise Opportunity

• Plans include regional growth in Florida, followed by national expansion.

• Computer Community Hospital is expanding initially in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

• The affordable $40,000 franchise fee includes ongoing training, car purchase/leasing guidance, the ongoing research and development of new service offerings, and continuing, effective marketing programs.

• The franchise opportunity is ideal for individuals in search of a business with low overhead and which allows independence.

• Individuals with some tech knowledge who have been laid off or are in search of new work during the economic downturn are ideal candidates; they instantly become part of an organization which provides the support and tools needed to run the business.

QUANTUM EMR: Called Pwer
• Quantum EMR- I have partnered with them to do All the Assessments for any practice in Florida that will be using their web based EMR

QUANTUM EMR: Called Pwer
• Quantum EMR- I have partnered with them to do All the Assessments for any practice in Florida that will be using their web based EMR

• Quantum has developed and deployed PWeR™ (, a cutting-edge, patent-pending healthcare technology system that has been designed to bridge the gaps of communication and exchange of patient information throughout the healthcare industry.

Yvonne Graber
Computer Community Hospital
Office: 561-852-0900
Cell: 561-239-3939
Fax: 561-892-3380

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