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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Excellent Events Using Excel

Excellent Events with Excel

Kilgore Business Services has what it takes to make your meeting a success:
• Organization
• Creativity
• Attention to detail
At Kilgore Business Services, we are here to help you:
• Establish your meeting goals.
• Market and promote your event.
• Budget: Expenses will be controlled through monitoring from initial site negotiation through food and beverage ordering.
• Select the appropriate site: Should facility be near your office or near your customers? Other considerations include parking and ADA requirements.
• Plan food and beverage menus.
• Coordinate audio/visual needs and room setup: the keys to making your event seamlessly productive.
• Provide on site management: Beyond a welcoming smile for your attendees, Kilgore Business Services supplies other services such as seminar materials assembly and attendee database management.
• Review banquet checks and invoice accuracy with post meeting follow-up.
Mary Pam Kilgore uses Excel to keep events organized, these are topics she discusses on the Techno Granny Show, originally broadcast on Monday, 4-13-09 at 7 AM EST.
Listen archived at:
Or on Techno Granny Show unique radio channel at:
1. Timeline
2. Budget
3. Data Base
4. Mail Merge into Word
5. Email lists
Mary Pam Kilgore, CMP
Kilgore Business Services
1762 McMillan Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Phone: 412.854-4827
Fax: 412.833-8444

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