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Saturday, August 30, 2008

800 Accounts

Ever wish you had an administrative assistant?
Tired of forwarding calls for your organization?
Want to appear as though your business is larger?
Would you like to have virtual office with your strategic partners on board with same line?
What about non-profits who don’t want to take calls at home?

No Better Business Logos, not endorsing these products, just an investigation, up to you to check them out.
But one does have very prominent customer service number and the other you can search and find at the bottom of the page.
Sales auto response message and fax on demand.
Up and running one day.

Good for small businesses, sales professionals.

All Business Communications
Listen to message and at 6:52 AM, could leave message for return call—using own system.

Not Free All Business Communications/
From the All Biz website
Today, there are many ways to keep in touch. Managing the growing flood of information is increasingly difficult. Yet, cost-effective and reliable communication is VITAL to your business.
Now, for as little as $9.95 a month, you can have a personal, automated assistant that will work with your existing telephones, pagers, cell phones and fax machines for an amazing productivity boost. Each service includes your own nationwide toll-free number for as low as 4.5 cents a minute.
• Personal nationwide toll-free number
• Multiple voice mailboxes
• Follow-me-live-call-transfer
• Voice-on-demand
• Fax-on-demand/Fax-Mail
• E-mail message delivery
For More Information Call: 1-888-932-4299

Virtual PBX—Ring

You’ll have all the power and functionality of a Fortune 500 phone system but with no hardware to buy and maintain. You’ll connect remote teams and employees as if they were in the same room, and allow them all access to your telephone and fax features, no matter where they are. RingCentral’s easy-to-use online tools make configuring and managing your system a snap.

Even if your company has only one employee, you can also take advantage of multiple extensions. You can create virtual departments, make announcements and route calls from any extension to any number—your home, office, cell, etc.

Your callers will be presented state of the art messaging and options at each step they make through your system. Each system user will have unmatched functionality and flexibility to aid him/her in the efficient performance of his/her unique job responsibilities.

Answering the call
The auto-attendant will answer the caller with a professional recording (default or record your own). Callers could hear options such as “Press 1 for service, press 2 for sales consultants, press 3 for account information…” or “Press 1 for Bill Jones, press 2 for Elizabeth Harley…” or “If you know the number of the party…”

Incoming faxes
Incoming faxes are automatically detected and accepted. There is never a busy signal. Faxes are delivered to your email inbox or online account, per your setup preference.

When the caller enters an extension number, the call will go to those telephone numbers you select for that extension: your or your employee’s home, cell or office phones; a sequence of telephone numbers; or several telephone numbers at once. These phones can be anywhere, yet they will all appear as if they are all in offices in the same building. You can even set up extensions to deliver company announcements or Fax on Demand.

Extension owner abilities
The extension owner will be able to identify callers through call screening technology and answer, or the caller will be routed to other numbers or a message mailbox. Each extension owner can personalize his/her extension with messaging and answering options for their unique work and schedule. Extension owners will have the ability to listen to messages in their own way: from computer, email or from any telephone.

Different options for different times and days
You'll be able to create different options for regular business hours, after-hours, holidays and vacations, for both the incoming main line and for each extension independently.

Tracking the calls and faxes
A record of all incoming and outgoing calls and messages will kept in your call log.

RingCentral Online
Your RingCentral Virtual PBX is only one of many features included with your Small Business Communications System. You can begin by using only your Virtual PBX and start using additional features as your business needs require. The richness of RingCentral’s business communication features gives you the competitive edge you need to grow your

As low as 4.99 a month!

At 6:55 AM Live Person, asked about free trials.
7 day or 30 day free trial
Get local or toll free number
Fax on demand

Said registered with Better Business Bureau, but when asked about logo we were disconnected.

Create the appearance of a larger organization

With extensions, multiple greetings, a dial-by-name directory, customizable music-on-hold, answering rules, flexible call forwarding options and total control over managing incoming calls, your RingCentral service outperforms most Fortune 500 PBX systems.

With RingCentral, you can:
Set up departments
Customize your music-on-hold and broadcast marketing messages
Create a company dial-by-name directory
Set up fax and voice mailboxes for employees
Broadcast special announcements, such as directions

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Joanne Quinn-Smith said...

Actually savant, the National Association of Women Business Owners in the Greater Pittsburgh area has a virtual office and a virtual assistant.

This is very timely information in the midst of the current economic downturn and businesses need to actually to really take a hard look at their expenses. I would actually like to have you as a guest on my Techno Granny Show to talk about virtual office space but you have commented on two of my blogs and chosen not to open your profile to the public.

So how do people contact you other than your website? It seems to me a real person would have a real profile, let me know. Perhaps you have forgotten to click on the "enable others to see your profile link."