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Thursday, March 27, 2008

EPISODE46 - Using Web 2.0 to Rescue Soccer Moms and Coaches

EPISODE46 - Using Web 2.0 to Rescue Soccer Moms and Coaches

Charu Chundury; Co-founder Vikaza Inc.: Your Neighborhood Sports Community tells how to organize multiple teams and multiple children

Charu Chundury is Co-founder of, an online neighborhood sports community. Many of you probably remember the stress of keeping track of your children’s soccer practice schedule and sometimes not even knowing where the soccer field was. If you have ever coaches a team, you know that you couldn’t keep up with the number of phone calls you had to make and emails to respond to every week. is here to rescue all soccer moms and coaches by providing a very interactive and collaborative web 2.0 based team and league management tool. Charu will be speaking with us today about what is web 2.0 and how Vikaza follows those principles to make your life easier.

Q: Tell me little bit about and the inspiration behind creating Vikaza?
1. Solve the pain.
2. Highlights of the Vikaza product
Q: Why do you think that people were not doing it when I was driving my kids around and doing the phone trees?

Introduce web 2.0
1. Platform
2. User generated content
3. Network effect
4. Rich user experience
5. The long tail – self serve
Example tools and companies: blogs, Wikies, Flickr, Wikipedia
Marketing: Viral, word of mouth
Tech: Open source – Linux, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, AJAX

Q: How are you using those principles at Vikaza?
1. Easy to use
2. User generated content
3. Platform
4. Self-serve: long tail – reaching active families and adults. Others are focused on younger demographics.

Q: What would you advise to our listeners who are thinking of starting their own online ventures?
Use open source and web 2.0principles.
Solve a real problem

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