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Monday, December 3, 2007

Episode 31 On Line Calendars--Is Your Dance Card Full?

With an on-line social or business calendar you can make your life so much easier by co-coordinating group meetings, sharing your calendar, getting automatic reminders and syncing your calendar appointment with Microsoft Outlook or your Palm Pilot.

You can keep family, friends, staffers and committee members organized from one secure location. You can organize a meeting without the usual hassles. You can reserve a conference room at your business or send out invitations and set a date by seeing who’s available. You can download a free 30 day trial at:

What a blessing to be able to organize group meetings, schedule e-mail reminders, avoid schedule conflict and attach relevant documents and agendas.

However, Techno Granny is into FREE! So while it may not be as professionally set up or as fancy, the Yahoo Calendar feature in Yahoo groups is a great way to communicate with clients and friends and family on a budget.

Using the Yahoo Calendar feature in groups is a great way to communicate. First you have to create a group or belong to one. When you put items on the calendar your group is automatically informed of the event. Also, your clients get a reminder if they are members of the group.
Once you have your yahoo group set up, the steps are easy. You open the calendar, you add your event, the event is recorded on the calendar and everyone in the group gets an updated calendar.
What's a Yahoo! Group?
It's where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other, and stay informed. Your group gives you instant access to:
Shared message archives
Photos and photo albums
Group event calendars
Also talked about using media calendars to get the word out about your groups activities, some of these are for non-profits only and others can be used with “for-profit events. “ Check the rules before you use them. My examples are for Pittsburgh, Pa. because that is where Techno Granny does her techno thing.
Here is a list of free PR calendars in Pittsburgh.,1340,,00.html

There are many others, these are just an example of a few. Also in trying to find a definition of on-line social calendar in Wikipedia, we found that Google Accounts has an on-line calendar also with many wonderful features. All you need is a Google Account and if you look around on the net you can find this for free also, at least for now or for thirty days or something. Check it out and let me know what you find. Techno Granny has to move on to the next Techno Thing: Google Accounts--Are You Oggling Me?

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