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Thursday, August 12, 2010

TechnoGrannyShow, Dr. David G. Maskalick, Biotechnology/Nanotechnology Discoveri

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David G. Maskalick, Ph.D.
Research Scientist and Entrepreneur
I was employed between 1984 and 2000 by Eli Lilly and Company to develop purification processes for biotechnology pharmaceutical products.  However, even before leaving Eli Lilly and Company I recognized how biotechnology and nanotechnology discoveries could be applied by businesses to make many types of other products.  I also recognized that businesses could apply biotechnology and nanotechnology discoveries to provide basic human needs products which are becoming distressed throughout our planet Earth.  While working at Eli Lilly and Company one of my responsibilities was to extract knowledge, from discoveries reported at scientific meetings and in the scientific literature, which could benefit the company.  After leaving Eli Lilly and Company I started my own company, BiotecConnect, Inc., to help foster knowledge exchange between discovery research centers and businesses.  As part of starting BiotecConnect, Inc. I first built the BiotecConnect database, and second learned about basic human needs as described by the United Nations.
Jane Goodall made the following statement regarding how our everyday actions impact the planet upon which we all wish to continue to live.  "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference to make."  The kind of difference I wish to make is to effectively lead everyone to employ their natural abilities to help sustain i) all life and ii) natural resources for life, since both sustain us on our planet Earth.  All people who wish to sustain the lives of people on our planet Earth must decide to sustain a) oxygen to breathe in our atmosphere, b) clean water to drink on our land, c) nutritious and palatable food to eat and satisfying our appetites, d) biodiversity to maintain a natural balance of life and resources for life on Earth, e) sanitation to naturally recycle the waste we produce, and f) heath care.  Oxygen, water, food, biodiversity, sanitation, and health care are six basic human needs to sustain the lives of people on our planet Earth. 
People make differences that decreases the survival of everyone when they a) dirty the Earth’s atmosphere people need to breath for oxygen to survive, or b) dirty Earth’s fresh water people need to drink to survive, or c) reduce the nutritious and palatable food people need to eat to survive, or d) reduce the biodiversity and thus reduce resources for life on Earth, or e) reduce our ability to naturally sanitize and recycle our wastes, or f) reduce our ability to care for the health of each other.  People can make a differences which increases the survival of everyone when they a) maintain a clean atmosphere for the oxygen all people need to breath, b) maintain clean fresh water all people need to drink, c) maintain palatable, nutritious food all people need to eat, d) maintain biodiversity to help maintain the natural resources for life planet Earth provides, e) maintain and/or improve our ability to sanitize and recycle our wastes, and f) maintain and/or improve our ability to care for the health of each other. 
The goal of BiotecConnect, Inc. is to help people make differences which increase the survival of everyone on our planet Earth today and far into the future.  First, BiotecConnect, Inc. helps people make differences by providing a knowledge exchange web portal through which discoveries in biotechnology and nanotechnology can be shared by scientists with entrepreneurs who desire to provide basic human needs products for people to purchase.  Second, BiotecConnect, Inc. helps people make differences by providing a knowledge exchange web portal through which entrepreneurs can share the need they have for discoveries in biotechnology and nanotechnology so that they can develop, produce, and distribute basic human needs products to people.
I would like to describe and discuss the BiotecConnect Knowledge Exchange web portal. 

Competitive Technology Transfer and Effective Knowledge Management
Internet access to the BiotecConnect relational knowledge management database provides a unique and better way to manage and commercialize technology.

Customers have access to the BiotecConnect database through its “Bio/Nanotechnology Internet Knowledge Exchange” (BIKE) web portal.

Customers will use BIKE to rapidly build and store in a consistent format concise, complete and clear descriptions of all their knowledge, e.g. their discoveries, inventions and creations. They simply need to pick or enter Meta data to fill in sentences describing nine important elements of the knowledge. These elements are:
-Who Produced the knowledge
-The novelty of the knowledge, i.e. what was discovered, invented, or created
-The process by which the knowledge was acquired, i.e. how it was produced
-The utility or purpose for which the knowledge can be used, i.e. its practical application
-Anticipated value sought when producing the knowledge, i.e. why it was produced
-The scientific, societal and market demands for the knowledge, i.e. its commercial demand
-How, when and where the knowledge was communicated to the public, e.g. patent, publication, or seminar
-The list of products upon which the knowledge will have appositive impact, e.g. basic human needs products
-The technology transfer contact through which the knowledge may be licensed and commercialized

BIKE will also display each of the statements the customer creates describing the nine elements of the knowledge description with the Meta data you chose.

The customer may also use BIKE to store the expertise of the person who produced the knowledge.
David G. Maskalick, Ph.D.

New type of relational knowledge management database

Statements answering the questions posed by each component of the dissected knowledge description are completed simply by selecting or entering the appropriate meta data. The bold text in the knowledge description is the meta data that is stored in the BiotecConnect Relational Knowledge Management Database.

Discover how you can create and store standardized, succinct, and complete descriptions of knowledge you have produced, free of charge, through the BIKE web portal, at after you register with BiotecConnect, at

Discover how you can create and store standardized, succinct, and complete queries of knowledge you seek, free of charge, through the BIKE web portal, at, at

29 April 2010 - Biomaterials

Last Year, 28 March 2009, Stanford University reported “Research team develops faux wood that can biodegrade” at This will be the type of construction material which will be sustainable.

This year the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research announced a grant for “the development of novel biomaterials and technologies for promoting repair, regeneration, restoration and reconstruction of diseased and injured oral and craniofacial tissues” at This will be a sustainable biomaterial that will revolutionize healthcare.

Globally billions of people are facing shortages of clean water as is stated in the ACS-Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions-Supplying Safe Drinking Water web site at

More than one billion people have no access to clean drinking water. And the situation is getting worse.

BiotecConnect displays for your reference greater than 60 URLs and a half dozen FEEDs pertaining to the basic human need for water at and at

22 April 2010 “UN launches biotech network for developing countries” (see
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization launched the International Industrial Biotechnology Network (see to encourage scientific collaboration in biotechnology and commercial application of biotechnology knowledge and to improve both North-South and South-South communication of biotech knowledge and its applications.

Product Development
BiotecConnect predicts that corporate social innovation will lead to the development of new products, and, even new sustainable industries to meet the huge demand globally for products to meet basic human needs.

In particular plant cell bioreactors potentially could be used to generate food and a carbon source to feed microorganisms used for fuel production.

Concentrated plant cells potentially could be grown in industrial scale bioreactors requiring much less use of land, water, pesticides and fertilizer than conventional agriculture since all operations will take place in a controlled environment and produce much less waste product.

New and improved enzymes that are discovered could potentially be applied to synthesize and manufacture from carbon sourced raw materials grown in bioreactors recyclable materials for clothing, construction and machinery.

New enzymes could also potentially be used to reprocess waste products that pollute the air and/or water.

Since the age of the dinosaurs, microorganisms have digested carbon based higher organisms and then, through geophysical forces over time, deposits of fossil fuels were produced which are employed today and predicted to run out in the near future.

Microorganisms engineered to efficiently digest carbon based raw materials could potentially be processed using recyclable machinery to generate a replacement for fossil fuels.

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